What are the problems with the US healthcare system?

The presidential election in the US is just around the corner once again. It is the time when the people have to choose one who can lead the country the best possible way, one who can address the issues that the United States is faced with. Among its problems is the healthcare system. If you take a look at the 2008 us presidential election, the health of the nation was one of the biggest points that were brought up.

Now that the country is about to elect a new president, are the citizens more aware of the problems with the US healthcare system? Who among the candidates can solve the issues?

The problems with the US healthcare system

hshssahjsaassaWhether you are on the side of the Democrats or Republicans, the problems with the US healthcare system is written all over. You, as a citizen, should be aware of these issues so you will be able to choose wisely.

Let us take a look at the major problems.

1. Affordability

The United States spend a lot of money on its healthcare system, a lot more than what other wealthy countries spend. In fact, the US put more money on healthcare than food and housing. You would think that they have a better system. But this is not true as not all citizens are insured. Why is this? It is because it is not affordable enough for everyone to avail of. The premiums of the different policies are constantly on the rise. So, how can a minimum-waged citizen afford a good insurance policy?

Millions of Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills, that is why a lot of them have medical debts.

2. Transparency

When shopping for anything, consumers usually make a comparison of their different options so they will be able to come up with a smart decision. Say, for instance; you want to buy a vehicle. You can simply ask your friends or family. You can also go online. But when it comes to health insurance, there is limited information available.


The lack of transparency is just one of the problems with the US healthcare system that needs to be resolved. All the data should be made available publicly. This is to provide each and every family with all the information that they need so they can choose a policy that suits their needs.

3. Coordination

A healthcare provider should inform you and everyone who is involved in your care management of what is going on. But most of the time, the doctors and other professionals have a hard time doing so. This would then result in more problems that could have been avoided if proper coordination was made.…