• Ovarian Cancer

    Facts About Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

    Facts About Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer (1)

    Cancer remains one of the most serious health threats facing the world. It is the second highest killer disease, with heart diseases at number one. A cancer develops when cells undergo mutation and start multiplying within the body. According to the NCI, ovarian cancer was the fourth cause of cancer death in women between 2003 and 2007. Ovarian cancer has 2.7 percent killer rate, and is often not diagnosed in the early stages.

    • Causes and Risk Factors:

    Most women think that procedures like anal bleaching can cause ovarian cancer. However, that is not true. The exact causes of ovarian cancer is not known but there are several risk factors that increase your susceptibility of developing the disease. This includes increasing age, obesity, smoking, family history, previous medical history of any type of cancer and infertility. Alcohol use, use of hormone replacement therapy and other lifestyle factors also contribute to the disease.

    • Symptoms of ovarian cancer:

    Facts About Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer (1)In early stages of the disease, the symptoms are quite vague. This makes it difficult to diagnose the condition at an initial stage. Often its symptoms are similar to other diseases, and it becomes important to differentiate it from irritable bowel syndrome, pre-menstrual syndrome etc. Because of its vague and non-specific symptoms, ovarian cancer is also known as the silent killer.

    Some of the non-specific early symptoms include abdominal swelling and bloating, pelvic pain, abdominal pressure with feeling of fullness and gastrointestinal symptoms like indigestion, nausea, changes in bowel movements and flatulence. These signs and symptoms are so subtle at times that patient tend to ignore them. If you experience any of these symptoms for more than two weeks, contact your health care provider.

    The cancer causes loss of appetite as it impacts the process of metabolism in the body. Urinary problems, such as sudden urge to urinate and frequent urination is a sign of ovarian cancer. This can lead to complete loss of bladder control that will worsen over a few weeks. Other symptoms include weight loss, back pain, difficulty in having sex and abnormal and painful menstrual cycles.

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    Ovarian cancer is categorized into different stages as well as grades. Staging is defined as a way to categorize cancer on the basis of its extend of spread. On the basis of staging, the treatment plan is designed by the surgeon. Ovarian cancer is treatable, but due to late diagnosis, the prognosis becomes poor. The presence of advanced ovarian cancer is diagnosed on clinical grounds